Microclar Filter Cartridges product line offers you a wide range of products tailored to meet any clarification, filtration and pre-filtration processes needs

Pre-filtration and Clarification Cartridges

The Nominal Filter cartridges line is ideal for pre­filtration and clarification of liquids.

Surface cartridges (Pleat) Depth Cartridges

Final Filtration Cartdriges

Manufactured in a clean area Class 10,000 under ISO 9001 standards and manufacturing and tracking controls in accordance with FDA GMP for medical systems, pre­washed with demineralized water and individually controlled in its integrity.

All components built under USP XXIII­Class VI­121ºC requirements for plastics.
Heat weldded to ensure integrity and to reduce extracts.

Surface cartridges (Pleat) Depth Cartridges