Our Microcel line has unique design qualities which guarantee its strength and long life during use.

Its internal structure guarantees high mechanical endurance and a vast filtering area which guarantees its performance over a longer period of time.


Microcel - Serie MC400-16


  • Lenticular Surface: 3.6 mts2
  • Molded Edge: The PP molded edge holds the filtration media and separator, giving strong resistance to each lenticule, and prevents it from disintegrating when withdrawing it after use.
  • Anti-contamination discs: stops filtering material fiber from going into the filter. It also protects from shrinking when wet.
  • Number of Lenticules: 16
  • Module size: 400 mm. external diameter (16") x 50 mm. x 275 mm internal diameter.
  • Filtration media: Cellulose 4 mm. Alpha grade and diatomaceous earth.
  • Support structure: Polypropylene natural.
  • Metallic Support: Stainless steel.
  • Gaskets: Silicone.
  • Maximum intermittent working temperature: 121ºC
  • Maximum constant working temperature: 80°C
  • Maximum differential pressure: 2.5 bar
  • pH range: 4­10


Microcel modules are ideal to filter and clarify any type of beverages, solvents or light oil fraction, being especially useful in the distillation and oil industry.

Microcel - Serie MC400-16


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