Surface Cartridges

Filter cartridges with pleat membrane with porosity gradient, in polypropylene, nominal for pre­filtration and/or final filtration of liquids and gases.



  • Manufactured under GMP standards, comply with standards for USP Class VI plastics and USP non-toxicity tests. Suitable for food products. ISO 9002 Certificate.
  • Pore: Nominal
  • Filtering material: pleat membrane with porosity gradient, in electronically welded polypropylene, with external net protection, terminals and polypropylene.
  • Core: Polypropylene
  • Plain joints and O-ring: Silicone.
  • Maximum operational differential pressure (filtration way): 4 bar at 65°C
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 65°C
  • Chemistry Resistance: pH 1­14; tolerates virtually all acids and alkalis, resistant to alcohols, esters and oils, air and non-corrosive gases, galvanizing baths, radioactive photochemical solutions.


    • Beverages: pre­filtering and fining (water, wine, soft drinks)
    • Beer: Approved by international breweries as a filter trap.
    • Pharmaceuticals: critical fluids pre­filtering, filtration of liquids and viscous syrups, cosmetics, perfumes.
    • Chemistry: Filtration of solvents, resins, lacquers, photographic emulsions and galvanized baths.
    • Environment: Elimination of air particles and gases.

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