Microclar is an Argentine company with 30­year experience in national and international markets. It was founded by Dr. Andres G. Meyer who worked for different companies in the sector (see Curriculum Vitae).

We develop solutions and products with the highest standards of quality.

We are convinced that to understand the needs of our customers well, we need to be focused. This is why we have created two divisions. Each of them specializes in key areas of business: Quality Control and Industrial Filtration.

At Microclar Quality Control Division we understand that quality control and assurance are essential in our customers’ production process. This is why, from this division, we are committed to helping our customers so they can conduct their analysis in a fast, secure and reliable way.

At Microclar Industrial Filtration Division we know that safe clarification, separation and⁄or sterilization of liquids and gases are fundamental tasks in the production process. The professionals of this division have extensive and proven experience in wine, beer, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and veterinary medicine areas, which allows us to offer innovative and cost­effective solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our mission: Our mission: "To provide high­quality, competitively­priced solutions, for the total satisfaction of our customers."

We know that we are a key technology partner for our customers and our Company’s service and quality are critical for them. This is why we implemented a strict quality management system that we have certified with DNV, a very demanding certification organization, thus obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

In addition to this principle of quality, we believe that the support of our professionals, the flexibility in product development, the awareness of our customers’ needs and our innovative solutions make the difference.

Serving our customers in a personalized way and understanding their needs is a fundamental principle for us. To that end, we have signed representation agreements with 8 distributors and around 200 resellers in Argentina and over 10 distributors in the rest of the world, as an additional effort to focus attention on our customers.

All our distributors and resellers have the know­how needed to give the best advice geared to your needs. They work very close to us, learning how to provide the best solution oriented toward the same goal, your total satisfaction.

At Microclar you will always find the best solution for your needs, because your satisfaction is our goal.

Alejandro F. Meyer
General Manager