Culture media in vials for the membrane filtration technique.




Usage with Monitors

After filtration remove the funnel of the monitor without removing the base from the manifold. Open the vial and distribute the media over the membrane. Apply vacuum to allow the media to be absorbed by the cellulose pad. Place the lid over the monitor’s base, and removing the base from the manifold place the plug on its bottom port. Incubate according to temperature and time required by the culture media. During incubation, the media nutrients migrate by capillarity to the surface of the membrane, nourish the microorganisms and develop colonies that can be later evaluated.

Usage with Membranes

Open the vial and distribute its content over the cellulose pad inside the Petri dish. With a flamed forceps remove the membrane from the filtration unit and place over the imbibed pad, assuring than no air bubbles are trapped between the membrane and the pad surface. Cover the plate. Place in an incubator and incubate according to the selected media requirements.

Plastic Ampoules


Glass Ampoules

(Tryptose Glucose Extract Broth)
For total count

(M-Green Yeast & Mold seg. Schaufus-Pottinger)
For yeasts and molds counts.

(M-Cetrimide Broth)
For Pseudomonal count.

(M-WL-Differencial Broth)
For total count of bacteria with inhibition of yeasts and molds.

(M-WL-Nutrient Broth)
For count of bacteria, yeasts and fungi in the wort, beer and other fermentation products.

(M-FC Broth)
For fecal coliform count.

(M-Endo Broth)
For total coliform count.

For enumeration of E. coli and total coliforms

(MRS Broth)
For the count of lactobacillus and other lactic acid bacteria.

(OSB Broth)
For the count of aciduric organisms.